5 Amazing Women and What They Teach Us

By Cait Lemieux | March 8, 2021

On this women’s day, let’s celebrate some of our favorite women in history! 1. Amelia Earheart | 1897 — disappeared 1937 Why We Love Her: Amelia Earheart was an American aviation pioneer. She is widely famous for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She wrote amazing inspiring books that empowered many […]

Top Benefits of Drinking Ceremonial Grade Cacao

By Cait Lemieux | February 27, 2021

This intention setting drink is my favorite recent addition to my self-devotion practice! Since drinking ceremonial cacao regularly I have noticed a beautiful heart opening and compassionate energy during my meditation and journaling practices. It immediately kicks my body into creative mode. Less in my head, more in my body! Ceremonial cacao is the premium […]

What bath spell jars bring to the table, or should we say, “the tub”!

By Cait Lemieux | February 9, 2021

Taking a bath has been a longstanding way to detox, de-stress, and unwind. A bath can be a meditative ritual of healing and self-care. The key to transforming a regular bath into self-devotion ritual is to set an intention prior to getting in! I love how the simple “spells” or affirmations that are hidden underneath […]

Why book an Empowerment Shoot?

By Cait Lemieux | January 26, 2021

Top Three Reasons to Book An Empowerment Session Have you ever considered an Empowerment Photo shoot but never booked? While the idea can definitely be nerve wracking at first I founded Rise Boudoir on the whole-hearted belief that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful. My biggest joys in life come from empowering women […]

Why this Rose Quartz Facial Roller should be part of your ritual!

By Cait Lemieux | January 14, 2021

Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. This pale pink stone can boost feelings of calm, serenity, and self-love, balancing emotional health and releasing emotional blockages.  The healing power of rose quartz makes it a must-have-around crystal, but using it as part of your daily beauty routine might not seem as obvious. […]