Yoga Poses to Connect with your Goddess Energy!

Not a yogi? No problem. I’m honestly just getting started too.

Or maybe you have been attending yoga classes for years but never connected to the feminine Goddess energies that are available through certain poses.

I actually used to find yoga too slow, and kind of boring to be honest. I wasn’t tapped into the mindfulness side of it, I was doing it as a workout, a way to be fitter and leaner.

However, now that I have developed my meditation practice over the past 5 years, yoga has a whole new energy to it. I have found that anchoring myself in the intention of connecting with the divine feminine energy or different Goddess archetypes through different poses, has brought a whole new level of fun, intention and meaning to my practice.

I do still love a higher intensity workout and found Buti Yoga not too long ago and absolutely LOVE all the videos offered there. Buti’s vibe is more upbeat and urban. Feels modern with the instructors being my age (early 30’s), tattooed and they play awesome house and drum and bass tunes!

But – if I am in the mood for just being with my breath and body as more of a meditative practice I love going with my own flow. Here are some of the poses I use to connect with my inner Goddess:

Closing my eyes and tuning into my breath and heartbeat is my favorite part of these poses. The fun thing that I am discovering about yoga is that you can totally free flow. Learn some basic poses like these ones by having a printout nearby, they start making your own intuitive workflow. There are lots of resources out there that will guide you in how to work your way up to a pose by slowly building strength and flexibility. It’s a process but definitely one that can connect and ground you deeply in your body and heart center!

Here is a great piece I found about the different Mahavidya Wisdom Goddesses which you can choose to invoke during your practice (my favorite being Kali, Tara and Durga).


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