The Woman Behind the Camera…

Cait Marie – Rise Boudoir Montreal

Hi I’m Cait, owner of Rise Boudoir Photo Studio here in Rosemère Quebec just minutes from Laval and downtown Montreal.

About 3 months ago, I decided that my photos were not just going to be pretty, but that the experience in studio would be transformative.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing delivering beautiful images to my clients the past few years as I dabbled in Boudoir while I continued to focus on my main business at Cait Lemieux Photography .

I always knew there was something to discover in Boudoir, but for some reason after a few years I was feeling uninspired. Something was missing. I realized it was because I didn’t want the session to be about escaping reality, or gifting to a partner. There had to be more to the experience!

I had my own boudoir photos done. Experienced what it felt like, took a few selfies when I got home even went on a date night to get use of my professionally done makeup! I woke up the next day feeling the same. Thinking back to the experience, which was definitely fun but I didn’t feel any different. I just wished I could have my makeup done professionally everyday!

My own femininity and sensuality is something I hadn’t really taken much time to explore. I mean after all, in this fast paced world we live in, we are surrounded by a masculine way of being. Sensuality and sexuality is taboo subject that many of us feel shameful to admit we’d like to explore.

I was lucky that the universe must have been listening to my curiosity and urge to explore my sacred feminine and sensual side, because not long after I met Vanessa.

I realized within a few minutes of her workshop how disconnected I was from my body and my femininity. I had this overwhelming feeling of emptiness in the bit of my stomach. I think the feeling actually came from me being so disconnected from my womb, well actually my whole body from the neck down. I was literally a walking head.

I realized that a softer, calmer, more patient, caring, and loving woman was underneath all the go go go of everyday life.

I have since reconnected to my womb center, my breath, my body. My femininity. I see the difference it has made in my self care routines, in my stress level, in my connection to the people around me, to my confidence.

Those are the kind of transformations I would like to create for women.

Whether you are new in your journey in self discovery, healing and care or you are “living an orgasmic life” as Vanessa would say, we are here for you!

Partnered with Vanessa’s coaching and my photography we will make you not only look your most confident self but BE your most confident and connected self.

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