Your sexuality belongs to you and ONLY YOU. ⁣
It does not belong to your partner. ⁣
Too often, we give away our sacred power when we truly don’t want to.. It might be because we feel it is our duty to please our lover, or because you have to do it to feel deserving of being loved. ⁣

Every time you have intercourse when you are not a full YES…⁣

Every time you allow yourself to be entered when you are not fully aroused and ready…⁣

Every time you have sex under the influence of toxic substances or having sex with someone who is intoxicated…⁣

You are unconsciously violating your body and your womb. ⁣

Your womb holds the wisdom of your femininity and you can learn to listen to her clear Yes/No. ⁣

Not only do you need to listen to Her but also speak up for Her. You have to voice her desires, her boundaries and also protect her when she needs It.⁣

Your Yoni and your Throat are intimately connected. If you are experiencing difficulties in expressing yourself and voicing your boundaries, I can almost guarantee that you have some type of sexual trauma and you are not even aware of it. ⁣

I have been through it all myself. I used to give away my sexual energy with the intention of being loved in return. I was not even aware that I was doing business with my own sexuality. Most often than not, my womb was a NO but I didn’t know how to create healthy boundaries for myself. My throat was blocked and I didn’t know any better!⁣

I have had lovers who were so out of alignment with me, others who clearly didn’t give a sh*t about me, some others were predators preying on me. The recurring theme these incidents all had in common is that my womb was a NO, but I was unable to express it through my Throat chakra. And so, I was allowing myself to be violated over and over again…⁣

Reclaim your power back. Heal and honor your womb. Listen to her wisdom and speak up for her. No one else will ever do it for you. ⁣

I can personally guide you in clearing the blocks from your throat and your Yoni so that you are able to be in full alignment with your desires, your boundaries, your sexuality and your

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