Healthy ways to release your anger and sadness…

Many of us were not raised to process these tough emotions in a healthy way. We were told to calm down, or to go to our rooms or even physically restrained/abused.

It’s time to heal a teach the next generation that these big emotions are natural and that finding healthy to let them out are possible.

Same techniques me and my family use?


EFT tapping techniques

-Compassion Centered Meditations (here is a free one I recorded just for you!)

-Shaking Meditation

-Screaming into a pillow using a deep belly scream (more of a roar) to avoid hurting your vocal cords while getting a deep release from your belly.

-Free flow dancing alone to an awesome Spotify list

I recently posted a video in the private Rise Women Community on Facebook.

Feel free to join us if you are interested in tuning into weekly content that will help you grow, heal and so that you can feel supported in the process.

Love and Light,


Click to go check out the video in the Rise Women Community

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