Photographer & Self-Love (Embodiment) Coach

I started capturing boudoir portraits because I wanted to create an experience where women could take time for themselves and feel confident, beautiful and blessed.

However, after a few years into the business, I was left uninspired. I wasn't causing the internal transformation I so wanted for women. Instead it was mostly about the physical transformation.

Getting dressed and feeling pretty for a few hours was good and all, but I wanted to provide an opportunity for women to go beyond the physical. An experience that would shift the perspective they had of themselves, for a lifetime, not just for a few hours.

Having felt this lack of authentic connection with my own body and self-care, wherein the outside did not match the inside, I knew I had to transform this relationship with myself first. Then, I could inspire other women to do the same.

I began my journey about seven years ago, starting with relieving symptoms of my physical anxiety which led me to lots of self-care practices. I dove deeper inward and worked 1:1 with coaches to uncover old limiting beliefs and blocks that were impacting how I was showing up even 20 years later.

I committed to practicing various trauma release and embodiment practices daily. Yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling. I learned to hold myself and trust in my ability to heal myself. I sat through uncomfortable emotions and learned to listen to my body instead of numbing or denying what I was feeling.

I began to understand the body as something more than just flesh and bones.

There was energy that was speaking to me.

I decided to commit to over 20 hours of training to become attuned to energetic healing (reiki). I learned to read and connect with the different energy centers in my body. This was life-changing.

Tuning into my monthly cycle has also been transformative for me. It has allowed me to step outside of the masculine and linear way of our modern-day society and bring my feminine energy back into balance.

After all, as women we are cyclical beings, constantly shifting and we need to tune into this flow in order to allow full creativity, abundance, and our deeply intuitive nature to shine. Something I had felt completely tapped out of but that I discovered had never really left me.

After years of daily devotion to my body and my own healing, I am clear on my formula.

Now, I am able to guide women who are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and self-conscious through a journey that leads them to create a healthy grounded, and compassionate connection with themselves, as well as a transformed relationship with their partner and their sexuality.

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