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How you feel in your body directly impacts the results you get in your business. This looks like...


You are trying to balance work/family/personal time and feel like an unprofessional hot mess and then at the end of each week you're stuck with a never ending list.


You constantly struggle with imposter syndrome while feeling the need to prove your worth by trying too many strategies leading to lack of clarity and structure.


You're stuck in the fear mentality driving most female entrepreneurs to accept anxiety as the new "normal". Losing your sense of self and passion along the way.


Late lights and unhealthy habits are justified so you put your bodies needs last in the name of "success".


Your self-criticism has gone through the roof due to feeling detached and 'lost' in your business making you never want to start or finish anything.


What if prioritizing the way you feel in your body daily, meant you could finally show up as the successful woman you have always wanted to be?

Confident, productive, financially abundant in your work, connected with your loved ones AND grounded in your inner being and self-expression?

But..we can't show up in our businesses with purpose and drive or in our relationships with presence and affection when we are running on empty. Plus, what's the point in hustling your way to six figures if you arrive there burnt out, disconnected and depressed?

It's time to ditch that hustle mentality and create WEALTH from the inside out.




80% of your success in business comes from how you feel about yourself, and in your body on a daily basis.


It's not about the strategies.

It's about WHO and WHAT you are embodying while implementing those strategies that counts.


How do I know you struggle with some if not all of the above things?

Well, that was me 6 years ago...


I’m a Mum of two. I have a daughter who is now 7 and a son who is 9. 

From the time they were born up until about 4 years ago, I lived with a hyperactive nervous system which triggered my fight or flight response from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. 

I remember waking up suddenly through the night and in the morning gasping for air. 

I remember getting out of bed looking at my eyes in the mirror and seeing my pupils dilated as if I was about to get eaten by a tiger.

I remember the terrifying moment where I realized I no longer had the ability to hide the chaos of my inner world.

It was real. It was happening to me physically. Not just in my head. My fears around motherhood and all the self-doubt and negative thoughts I had been pushing down for my whole life had reached a boiling point.

And motherhood was what triggered it. 

My initial reaction was to be angry at myself. 

To treat myself with a “HOW DARE YOU” attitude - when clearly, I had it so much better than most other humans on this planet.

A roof over my head, a spouse with a steady income, food on the table, two beautiful healthy kids. 

I was a mother now, I had to be STRONG. Keep it together. Get meals on the table, a clean house, and money in my bank account. I didn’t have time for this. My body was failing me.  

Shame and guilt upon layers of shame and guilt. With sprinkles of resentment all over the place. 

The reason I am telling you this... is that I see glimpses of that version of myself from 5 years ago almost every week in the photography studio as a maternity photographer of nearly 10 years…

The version of me who ignored her body, put it last, who shamed it, who could never accept a compliment...

Who was never up to the standards of “motherhood” and apologized constantly.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t given the tools from medical doctors about the importance of doing the inner work needed in order to support this major transition in our life. The major transition in our identity really. 

Then when we hit a wall in our self-confidence, and experience an identity crisis or suffer from any mental health conditions as a result of this major transition we are often just handed a prescription.

I wanted another way out. What I discovered was a way in.

ALL this heaviness. It is not your fault. BUT you do have a choice. 

You can choose to open up and see the strength in your vulnerability. 

You can choose to surround yourself with people who have been there, who see and hear understand you on a deep level. Someone who can support you in growing through this transition, you are not meant to do this alone! 

When all is said and done I’m not a miracle worker. I have no magic wand. You are your own best healer. I am here to simply empower you to choose yourself, to prioritize your happiness and to lead you to a path, as a guide. 

Choose yourself, because you, your kids, your partner, family friends and the world deserves the best of you, not what’s left of you.





A High Touch 1 - 1 Holistic Business Mentorship Program which Uses A Whole Body Approach To Create Success and Fulfillment



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What You'll Get

Tools that will keep you moving on your self-devotion journey.

Personalized Accountability with Cait

1:1 Video Calls - Weekly Calls with Cait where you will receive both personal and business coaching. Call recordings and notes will be provided.

Library of Powerful Embodiment Practices

Tap back into the experience whenever you feel called to through pre-recorded guided practices. This library will empower you to work with and honor your body as you step into a more confident version of you.

Daily Messenger Support

Using messenger support as blocks come up is essential to making transformational breakthroughs efficiently.

Valuable Bonus Masterclasses

To add to the library of resources available to you, you will also have access to two bonus masterclasses with a nutrition and relationship coach.

Transformative Weekly Workbooks

Before each session you will be given material to help you bring things to your awareness and make our time together even more powerful.

Bonus Business Audit

Through a social media and website audit Cait and her team will make sure you are putting yourself in your best light in your branding and messaging online.

Ready to get started? Let's chat!

Book a time below so that we can discuss the program options and I get to know your personal needs.

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Kind Words
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    A treatment with Cait feels like being wrapped in a soft and comfortable blanket. A moment for yourself, where you can reconnect with yourself a softness that only feminine energy can give you.”

    Katerine C.

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    A big thank you for this beautiful release experienced. It is a powerful formula that I recommend without hesitation. If you want to open up to your long buried potential, this is the perfect way to access it !!

    Charlotte D.

Have Doubts? Questions?

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Book a call with me using the link above.

Once we are ready to get started I will send you a welcome email with all the information and links you need.

What can I expect as far as workflow of the experience?

What can I expect as far as workflow of the experience?

Inner work guidance and workbooks to prep before each call.

Safe support to process during our 1:1 time together.

Self-led rituals & after call care instructions.

Notes summarizing breakthroughs during the call and action steps between calls.

Who is Rise & Embody for?

This process was created for women and especially mothers who struggle with:

Burn out, anxiety, insomnia, sister wounds/abandonment, lack of self-worth, insecurity, overcompensating, hustle push mentality, lack purpose/fulfillment, disconnection/lack of love for their bodies, & limiting beliefs around their self-expression and sexuality.

Is there a discount if I want to pay in full?

Is there a discount if I want to pay in full?

Yes. You save 10% on your package if you decide to pay in full!

What results can I expect?

What results can I expect?

No result is guaranteed. Your inner healing and results are up to you to create. I serve as your guide. Some of the results past clients have experienced and which I aim to provide are : a deeper connection with your body, body gratitude, spiritual awareness, lessened anxiety, ability to identify and process limiting beliefs, confidence in how to consciously communicate with their partners and and improved relationship/sexuality.

Will you share my story or information?

Will you share my story or information?

What you choose to share with me is 100% confidential and sacred. You have the choice to record our calls for your own records, I will never record or share what is written or said to me during our time together without your full written consent.